Houssam Safari has been working with PG in the theatre ensemble of the "Zerstreuten" (distracted) since 2017.
Coming from Syria, he opened the group the gate to a new world. His respectful and humorous way of dealing with the group gave us the opportunity to dedicate a personal portrait film to him.
The following questions were of particular interest: Who are you, what are youre interests and passions? What experiences do you bring with you from Syria and what would you like to give to the people in your new home Berlin? What do you want to achieve? Which of your wishes have already been fulfilled? With the friendly support of the district office Treptow-Köpenick of Berlin - Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur

SPARKS is a joint artistic project between the German arts organisation Paradise Garden Productions and the South African organisation Jungle Theatre Company. SPARKS is an artistic reflection on the contrasts and connections between African and Norse mythology. Six artists from Germany and South Africa explored the creation stories "Indaba My Children" by Credo Mutwa and "Norse Mythology" by Neil Gaiman. The artists discussed their interpretations of the texts via Zoom and together developed concepts for the filmic realisation. Based on these discussions, the artists then created a video in each country. Both videos reflect the contrasts and connections of the different stories through the staging of body, text and music in and with nature.