"DEPARTURE - Artistic Exchange on & despite Corona”

The project "DEPARTURE - Artistic Exchange on & despite Corona” (working title) analyses in which aspects different societies have changed since the start of the Corona pandemic and how artists in the different countries deal with it. Including several partners from Cameroon, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Germany we want to raise our own voice in times of pandemic. “Departure” involves researching and developing artistic interactions on the topic between artists in a digital space. Equipped with professional authors, musicians, performers and film teams in the respective countries, we are looking for new formats on how we can work together. In this way, we create separate artistic products that are brought together. The implementation consists of many different production steps, intermediate results and artistic products that complement, build on and correspond with each other. 

We ask ourself: How are our partners in Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Germany doing during this time? How are artists in Germany, Cameroon, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe dealing creatively with the crisis? What will be left of life as it stands when the pandemic is over? What do we have to / want to prepare for? Do we use the opportunities that lie in the crisis for a different future? What should it look like? How can the initiated exchange be continued in the future? How can the economic imbalance between North and South be reduced?

Premiere of the lecture performance on 16.6.21 at 19:30 in the Stadttheater Greifswald and on 17.6.21 at 20:00 in Stralsund in the Gustav Adolfsaal.



Pupils of the Montessori School Potsdam meet contemporary witnesses from the church resistance during the Peaceful Revolution in the GDR 1989.


The premiere of the play "Zum guten Menschen" at the Schlossplatztheater planned for mid-February must unfortunately be postponed due to the pandemic. The exile ensemble "Die Zerstreuten" are looking forward to informing you soon about the new premiere date.