10. & 11.01.2020 and 28. & 29.02.2020 at 8pm at SCHLOSSPLATZTHEATER Alt-Köpenick 31 / 12555 Berlin

God as the director, Adam and Eve as the prototype of man and woman, and love an experiment in infinite loop. In the attempt to breathe new beauty, power and influence into the greatest myth of all time, God meets his actors* and their limited relationship abilities. Different cultural backgrounds, sexual preferences and experiences with love that do not correspond to the director's romantic ideas raise the questions: Who actually has the power in the canon of storytellers? Which myth creates which society? Can "romantic love" and monogamy still be saved, and what do Eve and Adam actually say about it? Live music and video projections support the search for the "essence of love".
TEXT & Direction: Jens Vilela Neumann PLAY: Housam Safari, Franziska Kohlhoff, Christine Wünsch, Claudia Pomares, Norman Glatzer, Jabbar Mohammadi, Ahmed Zakaria Soliman, Florian Ritter

Poster Pandora

PANDORA  or the return of cultural heritage

21.3.2020 at 8 pm Schlossplatztheater, Köpenick Berlin

100 years after the end of German colonial rule in parts of Africa, a complex topic has come into focus that will probably occupy not only Germany but all European colonial powers for decades to come. It is about the return of tens of thousands of art objects from the African continent that are stored in European museums.

In this performative lecture, we would like to take a look at the different ways of "acquiring" the cultural assets on the one hand, and on the other hand to inform about the effects the loss of cultural heritage has had on African states and their populations up to the present day.
Using the artistic means of music, drama, dance and film, PANDORA wants to approach this complex topic. Artists from Africa are invited to participate. The current state of science is shown on concrete objects. A panel of experts then invites you to an audience discussion.

Idea & execution: Jens Vilela Neumann and Frank Kegler
Graphic: Florian Ritter