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After the great success of the RESTITUTION ART LAB, Paradise Garden will continue to be involved in various areas of the postcolonial debate. Because the restitution of African cultural assets is only one aspect of the necessary reappraisal. Rather, it is about the cancellation of historical debts, the removal of racist statues or also and especially the overcoming of "white privilege". In order to push this debate further and to fill it with life and facts, our team travelled to Tanzania (former German East Africa) for extensive research. Here are a few brief impressions: Explorers, traders and missionaries paved the way for colonialism. The church in Moshi was the first German church on site.


Moshi on Kilimanjaro - Manga Meli was hanged and his skull brought to Germany. He was the leader of the resistance against the German colonial rulers there. To this day, it is unclear where his skull is.

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Im Interview mit dem Enkel Manga Melis: Inhalambi Amumba und Ichikael Malisa.


Bagamojo was the first administrative centre for German East Africa. Near the beach there is a cemetery for the German soldiers and administrations. A few metres away is the place where local insurgents were hanged; their names remain unnamed.

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Ten days after our intensive week at the Volksbühne and our public events on 17 and 18 June in the Red Salon of the Berlin Volksbühne, we received the great news par excellence: The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation announced that the figure of "Ngonnso" will be returned to Cameroon. What a success! After 30 years of effort, it is now done. We are all very happy, especially Sylvie Njobati and the NSO community. For Sylvie, the journey to Berlin was especially worthwhile. But despite all the joy, this can only be a first step on what is still a very long road. The current discussion about the restitution of cultural assets must be accelerated by further challenging artistic contributions.

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