With and for Germans as well as refugees

It is our goal to enable a special cultural evening according to the motto "German and refugee performers play for refugees and Germans“. People in refugee homes usually live in isolation.

Cultural experiences are not part of everyday life, the reasons are numerous. Germans often enter refugee homes only as service providers. We want to change that! We bring culture to refugee homes and Germans and refugees at one table. We do theater, show short films, discuss about it, and eat together - all accompanied by interpreters, of course. Like a circus, we travel with everything we need, music, light, costumes and scenery no matter where, we make sure that the worst rooms are brought back to life.

The first three cultural evenings took place successfully at the end of January, beginning of February 2018 in the district Treptow Köpenick Berlin.Do you fancy a cultural evening in a refugee home of your choice? Then write us.
Kulturabende Farsi Arabisch
Kulturabende Deutsch&Russischkopie