Ensemble die sTrotzenden


We, the self-help group of the "sTROTZENDEN", are theatre-loving actors and musicians who have experience in dealing with cancer and other chronic diseases.
Our second production "MAGNA SALUS - of optimisation processes, fire accelerators and self-empowerment strategies" deals with political dimensions of health and illness. What does our society call ill, what makes people ill and how is it categorised? What does the future look like, in which health will become an absolute maxim? Are the rapid developments in health technology a blessing or a curse? Are we evolving into a society in love with itself, full of vital, young and beautiful people, whose lifetime can be extended to infinity? And if so, who benefits? Nine actors, live music and video mapping in a comically dramatic satire! Here are a few impressions:


Text & Direction: Jens Vilela Neumann    Actors: Alex Schneider, Andrea Bauer, Chris Simmat, Luisa Vogel, Mago Bleckmann, Kyra Morawietz, Anke Heiwig, Robert Mai, Philipp v. Rothkirch-    Video Maximilian Schach    Music: Phillip Rothkirch    Assitenz: Frank Kegler    Light: Pablo de Sousa    Supported by: AOK Berlin In collaboration with: Neighbourhood Home Schöneberg e.V.

 Quotes from the play:

Recoverers: The Endlife Crisis......alright! I'm off the booze, but I still miss the rum pot of my best friend!

Recoverers: We live in a time, in which hardly anybody gets sick and also death -  moves more and more into the distance.
We are like dinosaurs...

Recoverers: OK, I spat at the woman at the health insurance company, I already apologized for that too! Several times! I had sat over the applications for days, the papers were thicker than my bachelor's thesis, and then this administrator says the applications are not complete!

Recoverers: The asshole goes home healthy, not the friendly one!

Headmistress: You don't even feel safe in your own body!

Recoverers: We are scanned and categorized, we are graded and judged and everything that made us human, our unpleasant experiences, our flaws, our vices, our genetic defects or the values of our immune system... Everything is used against us - in the name of OPTIMISATION!

Recoverers: You know my head, people dance and drink and party in the streets at night, and the health police stand by and watch. The whole city full of the smell of freedom and the sweetness of revolution.

Recoverers: And we have a right to slip and to fall! Because we are human beings, we are not a database, not an avatar, not a personality profile, not a logarithm, not a machine or a doll!

Headmistress: The weak, the sick, the ugly, that does not help the civil body! That should be abolished! I declare open creative therapy to be terminated! Get out of here! Leave the institution of public health!