Ensemble die sTrotzenden

We the support group called "sTrozenden" are all people with experience in dealing with cancer.

The objective of the work of the theater group is a concrete examination of one's own strengths, competencies and the question of how to return to a self-responsible life, while living with the consequences of the illness.
Here "humor" is the best medicine as so often. We work with the comic means of theater, we get moving, we play and laugh. It's about empowerment and the opportunity to show oneself and to present oneself to the public.

We do not shy away from breaking taboos and curiously pursue the search for what is "sick" in our society, what makes us "ill" and what categorizes our society as "ill". It is about the political dimension of "health and disease" and therefore initiating a dialogue in society.
With our experience we want to confront this dialogue with artistically demanding plays.



Quotes from the play:

If you get this fucking cancer, you ask yourself: why me? What have I done wrong? How should I fight against it? 
You say goodbye to innocence, to normality, to naivety! from your old I, who cared more for others than for yourself, for old relationships that did you no good without you being aware of it, from sugar, from alcohol, from tobacco, from enjoyment, from appetite, that you can not be a real man anymore, not a real woman, you say goodbye to the unborn children - you can not have them anymore.

I have not smoked before - there's nicotine in it, drank no coffee - there's caffeine in it, had no alcohol, did not eat meat and still got a cancer. You now have exactly two options: Of course, you can turn back and look for the guilt again and again or you look forward and you take responsibility yourself, take your life in your own hands, be self-responsible and act!


And then there is a new life, another life. You rebuild your relationships, your family, discover deep and true friendships. Experience support from people you would not expect. Go on a world tour, make borderline experiences and cross borders. The moment you live has both at the same time. He is short and infinitely valuable.

By accepting your mortality, the fear of death has no place. It's up to you to welcome your new life.

The moment my hope of recovery died, the world collapsed and I asked, "What now? What is the perspective now? How can you continue now?“

Either I accept the cancer and make peace with it! Or I do not accept him and fight against him!

Birgit was very calm and confident "Now it's just every day that still counts, at the end of the day I wonder if it was a good day and that's all that matters!".

Director: Jens Vilela Neumann

Text: Jens Neumann and Birgit Oelschläger

Assistant director: Lucie Oelschläger

Costume and stage design: Nicole Timm

Music: Philip Rothkirch

Flyer design: Florian Ritter

Actors: Chris Simmat, Svenja Beneke, Christiane Richter, Theresa Hoppe, Katrin Becker 

When? 1. & 2.12.2018 at 18 o'clock

Where? Scharun Saal, Friedrich-Stampfer-Strasse 1, 10969 Berlin (U- Station  Hallesches Tor)


Statements of the actresses:

Chrissy: Diagnosis hits as a blow and throws you off track and after that comes at some point the realization: to cope with the matter it helps actively shaping the present and for example, a whole new "challenge" - as it is for me to play drama and act - helps to channel the energy elsewhere - and, in spite of disturbing moments and memories, it is fun to develop and implement a project together with others.

Lucie: It's nice to have a closed space to talk about his thoughts and feelings that sometimes have no place in everyday life. And it's nice to put your energy into something positive together.

Svenja: To deal with your own life issues through the medium of theater is a good way for me to find an expression for things that are actually inexpressible. To draw from your own creativity and to feel alive. Not alone but together.

Chris: Although we live in a supposedly open society, the issue of cancer is still taboo. One does not talk about illnesses, it is difficult to show empathy. So the cooperation in this project, the cooperation with other cancer patients and the dealing with the illness in a partly playful way was beneficial for me. The ambivalence between lightness and heaviness, laughter and thoughtfulness to grief have caused many turbulences internally, I was again very close to the topic of cancer, and this was sometimes very painful. I learned a lot about this project through myself, and that was a good thing !!!! The confrontation with myself was an ingenious experience for me.

Theresa: I was not sure if I wanted to take part in the play, took the time to think about it, looked at it in peace, got to know the other players, got involved again in the depth of the topic. I wanted to try something new for me. Theater seemed like a great way to express myself, to make me heard, to communicate. I invited friends, relatives and colleagues to the play. They also went part of the way and helped me out. I am very thankful for that.

Katta: Here I come and can be in existence. Play with the others and take me seriously. Hopping, jumping, looking, wondering and being highly focused. By ... and then again ... and again .. and ... then it works with the text. My corners and your edges, no matter we work together!