We, die Zerstreuten (the scattered), are a multicultural theater group based in Berlin-Köpenick. We are convinced that opposites create friction and that conflicts are the fuel of the theater. That is why we dedicated ourselves in our first production "AUF & Abprall - von der Kunst Krisen zu meistern" ("Bounce - the art to manage crisis"), the topic of "resilience", a psychological resistance that connects us with each other and with the public as well.

We come from Köpenick, Spain, Syria, Iran, Switzerland, Egypt and Saxony and confront each other in a personal and creative way with the cultural contradictions and views that are discussed in everyday life and in the media.

In 2019, we will address the issue of gender, religion and sexuality and address the question of how and whether men and women can (or do) deal with the current challenges of everyday life and associated role models. 

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Are you adaptable, resilient, attentive, efficient and clever?

Are you more of the vulnerable type, who displaces problems or are you avoiding confrontations altogether? How do you pay attention to your mental health?

In a humorous and dramatic way, the Ensemble der Zerstreuten questions why some people are more resilient than others and what the secret behind a healthy self-confidence is. There is no universal solution, but different perspectives from different cultures. The common search for the key to resilience is accompanied by live music.

The P.G. “Ensemble der Zerstreuten“ are: Habibullah Bigzada, Franziska Kohlhoff, Sarah König, Diana Londono, Claudia Pomares, Houssam Safari, Christine Wünsch und Jens Vilela Neumann (Directing & Text).

Stage and costume:Nicole Timm.

Technical support: Susi Wolff

Impressions from the play:

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Hosam Safari fled Syria to Berlin in 2015.


Franziska Kohlhoff was born in Berlin and found music for the theater.


Diana Londono loves acting and is from Colombia.


Christine Wünsch is a Berliner and has played since her youth in several theater productions.


Claudia Pomares left her Spanish homeland in 2011 and has been living in Berlin ever since.


Habibullah Bigzada came to Berlin from Afghanistan in 2015 and would like to learn to play drama because he wants to think, laugh and exchange ideas with other people.


Sarah König was born in Berlin and thinks that acting is a creative and unconventional way to meet people and to communicate with them.