We, the ensemble "die Zerstreuten", are a multicultural theatre group based in Berlin-Köpenick. Coming from Spain, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Hessen, Saxony and Köpenick we are convinced that opposites create friction and conflicts are the fuel of the theatre. In 2019 we were addressing the themes of religion, gender and sexuality. In addition to dealing with the myth of Adam and Eve, we were concerned with how and whether men and women (can) deal with the current challenges of everyday life and the associated role concepts. "EVADAM - Experiments on Myths" is the result of discussions from different cultural perspectives of in regard to the following questions: Which gender roles do I know through my upbringing and what images and expectations are associated with them? How does the myth of Adam and Eve still shape our society today? Love - the challenges in everyday life, in marriage or as a patchwork family. Memories, experiences of conflicts on this topic - how do we deal with tensions on the topic within the group? What fears/threats do we feel in the new and old gender models?



God as the director, Adam and Eve as the prototype of man and woman, and love an experiment in infinite loop. In the attempt to breathe new beauty, power and influence into the greatest myth of all time, God meets his actors* and their limited relationship abilities. Different cultural backgrounds, sexual preferences and experiences with love that do not correspond to the director's romantic ideas raise the questions: Who actually has the power in the canon of storytellers? Which myth creates which society? Can "romantic love" and monogamy still be saved, and what do Eve and Adam actually say about it? Live music and video projections support the search for the "essence of love".
TEXT & Direction: Jens Vilela Neumann PLAY: Housam Safari, Franziska Kohlhoff, Christine Wünsch, Claudia Pomares, Norman Glatzer, Jabbar Mohammadi, Ahmed Zakaria Soliman, Florian Ritter

With the friendly support of the district office Treptow-Köpenick of Berlin - Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, a Paradise Garden Production with the multicultural "Ensemble der Zerstreuten".

The "Zerstreuten" are:

Norman Glatzer is an elected Köpenicker and when he is not out in the woods, he likes to break the boundaries of bourgeoisie by acting. The theatre gives him the chance to take himself less seriously and to present life creatively.
Florian Ritter moved with his family from Shanghai to Berlin in 2017 and since then has dedicated himself to activities in which he can find love. As a class clown and photographer, he showed courage to act in front of an audience at a young age. Now he only has to learn his lines.


When Jabbar Mohammadi came to Berlin from Afghanistan in 2015, he immediately started acting. It helps him to learn German. But above all, he loves to slip into other roles and emotions and to observe people's reactions to his acting.


Christine Wünsch is a Berliner, theatre scholar and has been acting in several theatre productions since her youth. Theatre is her passion, so to speak, alongside music, because Christine loves to be part of a great work of art.


Claudia Pomares left her Spanish home country in 2013 and has been living in Berlin ever since. She likes to put herself in other people's emotions, which helps her in her theatre work. Other roles and playing together with different people inspire her.


Hosam Safari fled Syria to Berlin in 2016. He is a popular comedian in Syria. He enjoys interacting with other people in front of an audience as well as immersing himself in different emotional worlds.


Franziska Kohlhoff was born in Berlin and found her way to the theatre through music. Playing theatre is for her the challenge to jump over her own shadow, to cross borders and to observe closely.


When Ahmed Zakaria Soliman is not performing in Köpenick the Egyptian teaches Arabic. On stage he can come out of himself completely. He especially likes the interaction with the audience and the transgression of conventions.